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Table Top Flag
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Our Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $129.95

These mini teardrop flags are used with our mini teardrop flag series hardware sold separately or as a kit. The mini teardrop flags are sold as a set of 12. Options include: Suction Cup Teardrop Banner, Clip Teardrop banner, Auto Window Clip Teardrop Banner, Magnetic Teardrop Banner, and Suction Cup Teardrop Banner. Best quality construction available and lowest pricing in the world!! Our superior methods of printing means that every one of our mini teardrop flags are manufactured to the highest standard. The mini teardrop flags are water-base digitally dye printed in full color, resulting in excellent color matching and deep, rich color contrasts. The mini teardrop flag series optional bases are made of durable materials to last longer. The mini teardrop flags and bases are lightweight, easy to travel with and all only take seconds to put together. All come with flexible, carbonized fiber poles. Perfect for personal or business use, such as conference room, point of purchase display, restaurant table, product display, at trade-shows and events or even put it on desk or table at home.

The mini table top flag dimensions are 18”h x 11”w. The graphic size for the mini table top flag is 15.5”x5.5” and the base for the mini table top flag is made of stainless steel and comes as a weighted base.

The mini clip flag dimensions are 31.5”h x 11”w. The graphic size for the mini clip flag is 22”x10” and the clip is made of white plastic and opens to 1.5”.

The mini auto window clip dimensions are 31.5”h x 11”w. The graphic size for the mini auto window clip is 22”x10” and this clip is made of plastic.

The mini magnetic teardrop flag dimensions are 31.5”h x 11”w. The graphic size for the mini magnetic teardrop flag is 22”x10” and the base is made of white ABS, with a magnet inside.

The mini suction cup flag dimensions are 30.5”h x 10”w. The graphic size for the mini suction cup flag is 23.5”x10.5” and has an interchangeable base.

Now that you have found a product with such great quality and pricing why would you wait on sealing the deal for your own custom printed mini teardrop flag? Don’t delay, purchase your mini teardrop flag kits today! For more information please email us at or call us at 888-675-9610.